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January 2001 Volunteers - Branch Dobroyd
Working with Children Checks

Instructions for Volunteers for Working With Children Checks You will also need to submit your completed NSW WORKING WITH CHILDREN CHECK - VOLUNTEER DECLARATION. Please go to www.kidsgardian.nsw.gov.au to fill in the documentation. When you complete the online registration, print the receipt and present it to Service NSW for final checking. Once you have your number please submit it at the sign on desk.

September 2015 Volunteers - Branch Dobroyd
How you can help our sailors

Sailability is entirely run by volunteers. We need volunteers to do the things that our disabled members cannot do by themselves. We operate in a safe environment and give our sailors confidence in our specially designed, stable and unsinkable Access dinghies. We value your time and we hope that your experiences with us give you something valuable in return. You do not have to be at sailing all day. We will be pleased to see you even if you can only spare a couple of hours. Our summer season sailing days are on every second Sunday from September to May, with a break over Christmas. Please see the Events calendar. Sunday volunteers are needed between 10:00 and 15:30 each sailing day. Things you can do for us: • Rig and launch the boats • Fit safety jackets • Help our members in and out of boats • Fit slings and operate the hoist • Help our members to sail to the best of their ability • Drive the support boat – DAC runs training courses • Crew the support boat and communicate with the pontoon • Sign up new members and sign on volunteers • Schedule the crews of the dinghies and the support boat • Run the BBQ and organise the provisions And last, but not least, Socialise and have Fun!

January 2001 Volunteers - Branch Crystal Bay
Howard Moxham

January 2001 Volunteers - Branch Crystal Bay
Greg Hyde


January 2001 Volunteers - Branch Crystal Bay
David West

January 2001 Volunteers - Branch Crystal Bay
Ian Thorpe

January 2001 Volunteers - Branch Crystal Bay
Linda Buchanan


January 2001 Volunteers - Branch Crystal Bay
Veronica Carey

January 2001 Volunteers - Branch Crystal Bay
Bob Hamilton

January 2001 Volunteers - Branch Crystal Bay
Alan Jones


January 2001 Volunteers - Branch Crystal Bay
Alyse Saxby


January 2001 Volunteers - Branch Crystal Bay
Mike Woolley

January 2001 Volunteers - Branch Crystal Bay
Stephen Piry


January 2001 Volunteers - Branch Crystal Bay
Jim Moran

January 2001 Volunteers - Branch Cronulla
Infor for Volunteers

We sail every first and third Sunday of the month form Cronulla Sailing Club (next to Bundeena Ferry) We commence at 9.30am and try to everything packed away by 2.00pm. Please provide yourself with a hat that will stay on, a good sunscreen and some water. Activities include: - rigging and launching boats - assisting people in and out of boats - providing a sailor to take people for a sail - launching a rescue boat and having it suitably manned - administration duties such as completing registers - cleaning and storing boats when finished All volunteers need to complete a Working With Children (WWC) before they are allowed to perform any volunteer duties.

March 2015 Volunteers - Branch Pittwater

As a volunteer you are joining Pittwater Branch of Sailability NSW Inc, which has 28 branches throughout the State. You can find out more about them and the world scene at, www.sailability.org. At Sailability Pittwater we aim to provide a sailing experience for people of all ages and abilities, through recreational sailing. Those who wish to sail competotivly will be directed to our sister branch Sailability Crystal Bay, out of RPAYC, Newport. Sailability cannot function without a dedicated and skilled group of volunteers, as we are fully self- funded, not for profit organisation. It is some of the most satisfying volunteering work around, especially if you enjoy the outdoors. Our sailors come from many different areas, including Cerebral Palsy Alliance, various Care Centres , Special Schools , Adult Day Programs or those living independently. There are many benefits that come out of volunteering with Sailability Pittwater, just to name a few. • Acknowledgement of your valued contribution by sailors, members of the committee, and Sailability Pittwater. • To assist with promoting a positive image of people with a disability in the community. • To pursue your interest in assisting people with a disability and assist them to achieve “freedom on the water regardless of ability” • To meet new people and learn new skills. • To be part of a great program, and to be outdoors. We operate from September to May each year with about 4 weeks break in Dec / Jan when people are very busy. There are 2 days each fortnight that we sail at Rowland Reserve, Wednesdays from 9am till 2pm and Saturdays 9am till 2pm. Light refreshments are provided but not lunch. Look at our program dates and come down and have a look, you don’t need to be a sailor, just a willingness to help others, particularly those with a disability.

October 2012 Volunteers - Branch NSW
Paul Tayler - Putting the wind in their Sailability

3rd Press Release from Inner West Courier - 23rd October 2012 - Voluteer Awards