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Smoke Free Policy

It is the policy of Sailability NSW to protect the health and sporting performance of our members by adopting a smoke-free policy. Effective from 28 February 2000.

1. The following areas and events are designated smoke-free for members and visitors:

Indoor areas of sailing clubs.
Committee meetings.
Indoor Presentations.
Indoor Eating Areas.
Indoor Club Functions.
Boats while being used for Sailability events.

2. Smoking is not permitted by under 18`s at any Sailability activity.

3. Smoking is not permitted by coaches while coaching or at training sessions.

4. Smoking is not permitted by team members at training sessions.

5. Cigarettes will not be sold at Sailability facilities.

Breaches of this policy by individuals will result firstly in a warning. Repeated offences will result in the individual being asked to leave Sailability.